RSA’s SecurID Breach and What You Can Do Right Now

RSA’s recent breach is an effective reminder that in security there are no guarantees and nothing is 100% safe. It’s important to view security as juggling probabilities and be prepared for when the worst happens. Don’t be alarmist and focus on what you can do right now.

Is DeleteMe an Internet Undo Button?

DeleteMe might not be a complete undo button for social networking, but it does have potential to help with privacy concerns.

Interview With Abine

A recent interview with Rob Shavell of Part two of two on a review of Abine’s privacy suite. Discussed are some specifics about the application, TACO, the company, and where Abine is headed.

Update Facebook Settings to Disable Location Tracking

Facebook recently implemented a new feature, called Places, that allows you to post your physical location, much the same way that other applications like Foursquare, Gowalla, and others do. The Facebook feature also allows others to check you in at location, enabling people to post where you are and where they saw you. If you want to disable the ability to be tracked with Facebook’s new location services, read on.

MyKeePass Upload on iPad Fixed?

Users of MyKeePass on the iPad may have noticed in the past that they were unable to upload their KeePass files from their desktops to their iPads. There’s a warning on the App Store page that states the app isn’t iPad compatible, there are comments on the developer’s site mentioning the issue and workarounds, and I was able to reproduce the problem in the past as well.

Abine To Protect Online Privacy

Abine contacted me after reading an article I wrote, and wondered if I would be interested in reviewing their new privacy solution that’s currently in beta testing. Read on to learn how Abine might help you manage your passwords, personal information, credit cards, and more.

Foursquare Was Leaking Data

When people use sites like Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, etc. they rely almost entirely on the technical competence and ability of those organizations to adhere to their own policies and user expectations. We assume (maybe wrongly so) that these sites have our best interests in mind…