How To Be An Effective Project Sponsor

The Project Sponsor is critical to the success of a project. Often Project Managers do not have formal authority within an organization nor do they have direct control over resources that may work on the project team. Read on to learn more about how to be an effective Project Sponsor.

RSA’s SecurID Breach and What You Can Do Right Now

RSA’s recent breach is an effective reminder that in security there are no guarantees and nothing is 100% safe. It’s important to view security as juggling probabilities and be prepared for when the worst happens. Don’t be alarmist and focus on what you can do right now.

Evernote GTD and More to Get Organized

Trying to find new ways to keep track of ideas, be productive, and reduce stress? Here are some tips on using Evernote, GTD and more.

Just Read: The Checklist Manifesto

Developing effective checklists helps to identify what’s both critical and routine, where in your process those checks need to be made, and helps disparate or new teams to come together quickly and efficiently. And there’s strong evidence to show how effective they can be. Read more about this book…

Managers Should Add Value When Communicating

As a Manager when it comes to communication, you should be able to add value, otherwise, why are you involved? How can you add value?

Helping Manage Your Manager

Not all engineers are blessed with having a seasoned Manager with strong communication skills and business training. You can help them succeed, and in doing so, you’re likely to be more successful as well. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Taking Responsibility for Technical Mistakes

Mistakes happen. No matter how much training, experience, or process controls we have in place it’s still possible to misconfigure, bring down a system, or cause a customer to go down unexpectedly. And it feels horrible, that sinking feeling in your stomach as you start to realize what happened. Here are some tips on how to take responsibility for them.